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Water Conditioning

Installation of

  • Water softeners and water conditioning equipment
  • Water treatment solutions for any problem
  • Acid neutralizers conditioning equipment
  • Iron removal conditioning equipment
  • Nitrate removal conditioning equipment
  • Maganese removal conditioning equipment
  • Ultra violet water purifiers (bacteria removal) conditioning equipment
  • Reverse osmosis water conditioning equipment
  • Chemical feed pump for chlorine injection, soda ash injection

Serving all of Hunterdon County, NJ and beyond.

Determining Causes and Solutions of Water Conditioning Problems

Symptoms Cause Method of Treatment
Soap deposits on dishes and (dissolved calcium in magnesium water) clothing. Soap curd in sinks and bath tubs. Scale build-up in water heaters, plumbing and on fixtures. Clothes look gray and unclean Hardness / Hard Water Metered Water Softener
Blue-green stains and corrosion (pH less then 6.5) on fixtures, plumbing and appliances that use water. Fixtures and dishes will begin pitting Acidic Water Acid Neutralizer
Yellow, redish brown, rusty or black stainson fixtures, plumbing and appliances that use water. Metallic taste. Water is generally clear when drawn, but turbidity appears when left standing. (clear water iron-ferrous). Water with tint when drawn (red water iron-ferric). Iron / Manganese Charger Iron Breaker III
Rotten egg odor, staining or rusting of plumbing. Silver tarnishes on contact with water. Hydrogen Sulfide Charger Iron Breaker III
Stomach ache, Dysentery, positive coliform / e-coli test Bacteria Viqua UV Disinfection
Arsenic, analysis above 5ug/L Arsenic Present Adedge Arsenic Filter
Volatile organics, analysis above limit VOC's Rresent Carbon Treatment Filter


Emergency out of service calls on aforementioned equipment.

Offering in-house or onsite, hardness &  PH water analysis 
with recommendations on equipment installation.



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