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Environmental Drilling

Today's state-of-the-art well drilling company plays a vital role in assessing, monitoring, maintaining and improving ground water quality. The Samuel Stothoff Company has been called upon to serve every major environmental consulting firm in the state, and we've worked on Superfund sites. We have the capability of Level D to Level A protection.

Our staff includes two master drillers and seven(7) licensed well drillers in all. All have fulfilled OSHA 's training requirements. Every driller and helper is fully qualified to work on hazardous waste operations.

Stothoff technology includes a rig to fit any geologic condition, the trained personnel to operate it, and the expertise to repair it - at home or in the field. Whether the job involves development of a failing recovery well; whether it calls for a borehole of 6"-22"; whether it involves drilling in traprock, silty sands, large cobbles or boulders; whether it demands mud rotary or air rotary, hollow stem anger or Odex drilling; the Samuel Stothoff Company can do it and do it right. And, with a dedicated support truck for each drill, we arrive at every job site fully armed to tackle the task at hand...from start to finish.

Utilizing air rotary /mud rotary/hollow stem auger drilling methodologies to install the following:

  • Monitoring wells - to track and access contaminants in the water table.
  • Recovery wells - to channel polluted water into treatment systems for purification
  • Piezometers- to identify the water table and determine the direction of water flow
  • Test wells-to investigate geologic formations, pollutants and the yield of an aquifer


  • Split spoon sampling 2/3"
  • Shelby tube sampling (carbon, steel, bronze, stainless)
  • Hydro-Punch II water sampling
  • Continuous soil sampling utilizing probe rig mounted on 4 wheel drive truck and 4 wheel drive Kubato tractor
  • Soil gas sampling with probe rig
  • Water sampling with probe rig
  • Soil sampling utilizing tripod for limited access locations

Ballooned Tired All Terrain Rotary Drill Rig for locations not reachable 
by conventional truck mounted equipment - Stothoff can help!

Water Treatment

Installation of:

  • Water softeners conditioning equipment
  • Acid neutralizers conditioning equipment
  • Rron removal conditioning equipment
  • Nitrate removal conditioning equipment
  • Maganese removal conditioning equipment
  • Ultra violet water purifiers (bacteria removal) conditioning equipment
  • Reverse osmosis conditioning equipment
  • Chemical feed pump for chlorine injection, soda ash injection

Emergency out of service calls on aforementioned equipment.

Offering in-house or onsite, hardness &  PH water analysis 
with recommendations on equipment installation.

Well Development

We employ the techniques of hydro-fracturing, compressed air, wire brushing, surging, chemicals and pumping to get the most out of existing wells and eliminate turbidity from new ones.

* Shock chlorination of wells to kill any bacteria present

Well Abandonment

When a well has outlived its usefulness or is contaminated, Stothoff has five certified well sealers for sealing consolidated and unconsolidated formations.

Yield Testing

Offering turnkey yield testing services on existing wells, new wells to determine yield of well utilizing submersible from 5 to 1000gpm and generators 10KW to 125KW.

Extensive stock of test pumps from 5 to 1000gpm



59 Highway 31 • PO Box 306 • Flemington • New Jersey • 08822 • (908) 782-2116 • info@stothoff.com

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