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Additional Services

Well Abandonment

When a well has outlived its usefulness or is contaminated, Stothoff has five certified well sealers for sealing consolidated and unconsolidated formations.

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Downhole Video Inspection Services

Pinpoints problems; eliminates guesswork

  • Locates lost pumps and/or tools
  • Identifies needed service or repairs
  • Records a permanent well log
  • Saves time & money

Don't risk the loss of pumping yield or service life of your water wells. Instead, take advantage of today's latest technology and over 100 years of professional experience from H2O Water Technology. On call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the H2O Water Technology video inspection van rolls up to your well site and, within minutes, gives you clear, live color video of the conditions within your well to depths up to 1,500 feet in wells ranging from 4 inches to 36 inches I.D. Spacious van offers seating for five or more in the climate controlled viewing area.

Pinpointed with a depth counter, you will be able to make informed decisions quickly and accurately. Imagine the possibilities:

  • New Well Inspection - Benchmark the conditions of a well for future reference. Recommended when acquiring older wells, too.
  • Locate damages & breaks  - Determine the potential and procedures for appropriate repairs.
  • Evaluate cleaning requirements -Identify casing and screen conditions, the exact nature and location of any blockage and what methodology will work best.
  • Lost tools/pumps -Determine the tools & techniques for fishing/recovery operations.
  • Off -season inspections - Take advantage of downtime periods or any time a pump is pulled to inspect your wells for potential problems that can be corrected before they become more costly or serious.
  • Borehole evaluations - Examine mineral content, strata materials & formations, the presence of fluids and much more.
  • Side-view capabilities - Offers a direct viewing angle at the well casing or screen (even into slots or breaks) for added clarity and evaluation purposes. Full 360 rotation.

Recorded on a VHS cassette, this service allows you to analyze well conditions, make informed decisions and refer back to specific problem areas whenever needed. Duplicate videos can be made on-site for immediate use. Color prints can also be made instantly of any image on the video screen.

Yield Testing

Offering turnkey yield testing services on existing wells, new wells to determine yield of well utilizing submersible from 5 to 1000gpm and generators 10KW to 125KW.

Extensive stock of test pumps from 5 to 1000gpm



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